Monday, October 14, 2013

Artwork of the Week: Daily News

Daily News by Simona Pries
2010, broken glass panes, 217 x 163 cm

I'm usually a total sucker for bright colors, unusual materials, and multi-layered content. But I can appreciate subtlety too. This work by Swiss artist Simona Pries expresses a beautiful and delicate danger. I like the reflection of light that plays off the surface of the glass depending on where you stand to view the work, and the subtle lines created by the jagged edges against the white walls. 

I also just discovered that she is the author of the piece that I used as my desktop background for the two years I worked at SVA. Huh! Maybe I like minimalist work more than I thought. 

You can see more on the artist's website:

- Cathleen 

[Images courtesy of the artist's website.]

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