Thursday, October 10, 2013


Marlon Brando in On the Waterfront
I love jackets...jackets are just downright awesome.  I have a few trusty ones, but I'm always in search of another. Grace has decided that as long as she gets me a jacket or tough boots for birthdays and/or Christmas, I will always be happy.  

You may have noticed this, but in many movies and TV shows, when they want to make someone look like a badass, they just throw them in a sweet jacket (or coat).  It can’t just be any jacket, but when it fits well and looks tough, it can make a character.  Some of these shows have people wearing jackets all year round regardless of weather (e.g. Supernatural).     

A solid jacket can be expensive and I rarely actually splurge on a good one.  If you want to find something affordable, durable and manly, jackets designed by Mossimo at Target will fit the bill.  My Mossimo "raggy jacket" has lasted me years and is my go-to when the weather gets cool.  But if you are willing to throw down some cash, I highly recommend the store Scotch & Soda.  It is overtly hipster, but they really know what they are doing when it comes to jackets.  It's a good style reference site even if you may not be willing to actually drop $300.  Here are some examples of current jackets on their site:

Army Jacket With Detacheble Jacquard Lining

Lumberjacket With Teddy Lining

Shirt Jacket With Detachable Inner


Honorable Mention:

This image is the closest thing I could find to the shooting vest worn by "The Governor" on The Walking Dead. The character is a total psycho, but he rocks this vest like a champ. Wearing vests can be quite risky, but one designed and meant for carrying and firing a shotgun is thinks.




  1. Thanks, Brian.. I've been shopping for a non-dressy jacket that's cool but durable and warm and looks ok on a big tall person like P but we just haven't found something that works.... Maybe you should take him shopping...

  2. I don't have too much experience with clothing for his height but a good tough jacket will look good on anyone. He should take a look at Scotch and Soda and see if they have his size. I really like their stuff. There is also a couple really nice ones at Best Made Co.


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