Monday, October 7, 2013

Artwork of the Week: Devon Rex Cats

Devon Rex Cats by Krissy McLean
ink  and acrylic on watercolor paper, 9 x 12"

There are four cats that like to hang out in our backyard. If we were still living in Brooklyn they'd probably be considered "feral" but here we assume they belong to someone and just choose to spend their days stretched out in the sunny patches behind our house. There's a fat tannish-cream colored one that I've named "Marshmallow." And an orange striped one I have dubbed "Marmalade." And a mostly white guy with big gray spots that we call "Killer" as I have twice seen him trotting up our driveway with a STILL ALIVE chipmunk dangling from his mouth. As of yesterday, there's a new all-black variety on the scene that I haven't quite gotten a read on yet. I'm not much of a cat ladyI'm pretty allergic to most so I tend to only regard them from afar. But I have to admit that I do appreciate seeing these contented creatures slinking their way through our grass. I may feel differently once I discover they've turned our back 40 into a giant litter box, but until then...cats! Am I right?

Artist Krissy McLean from Toronto, Canada sells her very affordable original artwork on Etsy. You can see more of her work in her shop: KrissyMcLean.

- Cathleen

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