Friday, April 26, 2013

Redo in Blue

So the color blue isn’t usually in my wheelhouse when in comes to decorating. I always admire it in other people’s spaces but it never occurs to me to try it in my own. But yesterday Jenny posted a kitchen renovation that seriously “blue” my mind! (Ha!)

One King’s Lane Kitchen redo

I think what makes it for me is the brass finishes everywhere. The pulls on the drawers and the cabinets are just so sleek and pretty and contrasty against the blue.

I need these pulls in my life somewhere.

Not to mention the lighting, which is gorgeous and looks so fresh and modern against the blue.

Pendant Light with Edison bulb- who doesn’t love a good Edison bulb?

And who doesn’t love brass?

So, I could just post every single image from the redo or you could go and check it out yourself, which you should. And get a good blue start to your weekend. In a good way.

Happy Weekend, Friends!

1 comment:

  1. Alissa, When P and I finally buy a house and gut some kitchen, I am going to ask you to send me all these ideas. I sort of a white cabinet with black counter person, but this one is beautiful!


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