Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Nice Mug

Inkblot Series I Mug, $33.66

When I was little we had a vast mug collection. There were Ziggy mugs and Get Along Gang mugs and Care Bear mugs and mugs that completed my mother's prized blue and white M. A. Hadley set. They were all proudly displayed on an accordion peg rack in the hallway leading to the kitchen. Then one day we came home and all of the mugs were gone. Every last one! We discovered later that our occasional cleaning lady had accidentally bumped into the assembled mass and knocked them to the floor, smashing all of our hot cocoa hopes and chamomile tea dreams. Or at least that's what we surmised when we found their remains in the dumpster out back. The real rub though was that she threw the entire lot out without acknowledging what happened and even tossed ones that only had minor chips in them. What did she think? We were MADE of mugs?

Micky and I have started to accumulate a few mugs since we joined forces, and while we tend to use the same two cups morning after morning, I have dreams of expanding our brood one day. And I think these are just the right mugs for the job.

Fiess Mug, $35 

Vintage Moonglow Federal Glass Mug, $8

Vintage Hobnail Turquoise Glass mug, $9.50

Game of Thrones Mug Set, $35

- Cathleen 

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