Friday, April 12, 2013

Oliver Jeffers- Renaissance Man?

Until this week, I only knew of Oliver Jeffers as a childrens’ book author. And I’m not using “only" as a pejorative here, his books are charming and thoughtful and generally wonderful.

An extra sweet Oliver Jeffers book

But the other day, I came across this interview with him and I was totally intrigued. I had no idea he worked in any other medium but the introductory photo was so compelling that I was instantly wanted to see everything he has ever done. 

“Without a Doubt Part 2”, oil on canvas, 2012

Apparently, he works in all kinds of media and all his work is interesting. He is a talented painter with a serious sense of humor and he also works in video, found objects, typography, and more.

"Fathom Painting No. 1”, oil and letraset on canvas, 2010

“Clocks on Wood"

The Vader Project

“Still Life with Logic and a Choice of Beverage” oil

Seriously, if you want to lose and entire afternoon, check out his website and just try not to get sucked in. I still haven’t looked at everything but I’ve been loving everything that I have seen. Check it out for a quirky, inspiring end to your week.

Happy Weekend!

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