Friday, April 5, 2013

Falling Into the Gap

So Gap has been struggling for a few years now. Apparently now they are reporting gains but the truth of these gains are not from Gap but from their other company Old Navy. I don't know if I am still in the key demographic for Gap so I don't know if it matters that I find their clothes mediocre, and overpriced. This being said I spied these beauties on their website this week and I am having very sinful covetous feelings for them:

Via Gap.... duh!

Priced at $49 the price is reasonable and with their current promotion 30-40% off these babies are even more alluring. Snags in the plan? Well they're sold out of every reasonable shoe size and the reviews from buyers are not good. People who own the shoe are calling them flimsy. 

Come on Gap! Get yourself together. I am going to keep an eye on their stock prices. 

Happy Friday!

- Grace

PS- My Etsy shop is exploding with some amazing Spring finds! Check it out and make some purchases. 

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