Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Would You Ever....

So I'm kind of at the end of my rope. I lost my first engagement ring in July 2004 and my second one, a 1920s ring with mine cut diamonds just lost a stone. Not going to lie I'm pretty devastated. So now that I've officially lost/destroyed two real rings I'm thinking it's time to just purchase a CZ (aka cubic zirconia) and call it a day.

So here's my question to you readers.... would you ever buy and wear a CZ ring and pass it off as real?

On option from Birkat Elyon. Priced at $390.00. The price is high because it's set in 14K white gold. I think if you're going with a fake diamond I wouldn't spend on having it set in real gold, sterling silver is fine. However, this website seems to have the best selection (and least tacky). 

Another nice engagement and wedding ring set via emitations. Priced at $105.00.

Nice choice from Jewelure. Priced at $45.00.

While conducting my online searches there are two points I've come across:

1. There are no CZ websites that don't have tacky names. 

2. Make sure the size of the diamond (and bling factor) match your income. For me, I wouldn't purchase a ring more than 1 caret. Even though I can afford a CZ ring with a larger diamond I couldn't afford a large real diamond. And truth be told, if I suddenly showed up with a large ring people would start to talk. 

Don't get a ring like this - everyone will think Kobe Bryant cheated on you.

Okay readers, time to weigh in, what do you think. Would you ever consider getting a CZ ring? 



  1. Yes yes yes. Absolutely get one. And one day, when you have a good amount of money to spend, Brian can surprise you with a fantastic shopping spree for a real ring again :)

  2. Ok When I was really pregnant and my hands swelled like sausages with my first kid, P and I ducked into a Claire's Boutique and bought a 12 dollar fake wedding/engagment ring combo. Classy. So I guess that means I wouldn't mind a CZ ring.


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