Monday, October 17, 2011

Tricky Treats!

As the Halloween season approaches, my thoughts often turn not to clever costume ideas that involve me wearing facial hair in some capacity, but to the creepy treats I can serve to costumed party-goers. Let’s face it. Nobody’s REALLY fooled into thinking they’re about to eat a handful of curiously pretzel-shaped “skeleton bones” when you put out a bowl of white chocolate Flipz, but just go with it, ok?

This year I’ve decided to up my game, plan ahead, and make sure I cover all of the major Halloween party food groups:

Fingers in a Bandage = Franks in Blanks w/ Slivered Almond “Fingernails”
*with Blood (Ketchup) and Puss (Mustard) for dipping!

Goblin Eyeballs = Deviled Eggs
* green food coloring will make those eyeballs really ghoulish!

BRAINS!! = Brain-Shaped Cheese Ball
*add a little pink food coloring for optimum effect and serve with Tris-CUTS, of course!

Dead Roaches = Dates Stuffed w/ Goat Cheese & Pecans

Jack-o-Vomit = Guacamole Spewed Forth from a Carved Pumpkin
*with a side or TORTURE-tilla chips, obviously!

Mush Mouths = Apple Slices w/ Caramel Cheesecake Spread & Marshmallow Teeth
*hmm…red lips or green? Which are Halloween-ier?

And if I get REALLY ambitious:
A Giant Pumpkin-Shaped Carrot and Veggie Dip Platter
*probably requires the least amount of effort, is the most festive, but is definitely not trick-y enough.

This one is for when Micky and I throw our future children one of those totally awesome Halloween parties that I remember from my youth, where kids bobbed for apples and blind-folded-ly felt their way through big bowls of cold spaghetti “worms” and peeled grape “eyeballs.” Ahhh. Those really were the days:  

Kitty Litter Cake !!

Made with regular chocolate cake mix, ground up Golden Oreos, and Tootsie Rolls for the most authentic litter look, I'm not sure anyone could actually overcome the visual and have a scoop, but it would definitely be the ultimate gross-out treat for such an occasion. Bon App├ętit!

- Cathleen 


  1. Now that you posted your menu you have to make them for your party!

  2. these are I want to have a halloween party...hmm

  3. After seeing these, I don't think eating is going to be on the agenda today.


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