Thursday, October 20, 2011

Last Friday

Let me start by saying I had the weirdest Friday. Last Thursday I was thinking about what I would blog about for the next day. I couldn't think of anything so I pulled a trial post I had sent Catie/Cathleen way back when we were first forming Swings and Arrows to show her how I thought the blog should work—thus the Friday Bull's-Eye post. Well after putting the post together I got all into Bull's-Eyes and started looking through Kenneth Noland's body of work. After being totally inspired by Kenneth Noland I decided that the next day with my 8th grade boy art students we would do a KN inspired art project. The project went well and I created two demonstration bull's-eyes that I ended up rolling up to bring home to hang in my house.

During the day at my teaching job I kept being reminded about how young kids make mistakes and how we must forgive them because I probably made the same or similar mistakes when I was their age and the generation before me forgave me and I learned.

I promise this is going somewhere.
I then went and picked my kids up from the babysitter and drove home. As we walked into the house, my freshly painted bull's-eyes in my hands, I stood in shock as I stared at this:

Yep, my window had been broken. After the shock wore off I looked around and realized nothing had been stolen and that a ball had smashed my window causing the entire frame to crash into my house. 

So this is where things get weird. Brian comes home from work and we decide to board it up ourselves to save money. We have one piece of wood in the house that I had painted years ago that fit perfectly. Here's the piece of wood we had: 

Yes, it had a bull's-eye on it.

Brian then reminded me that we can't be too mad because it was obviously just a kid who made a mistake and kicked a soccer ball into our window.

Things came full circle like a bull's-eye, all on Bull's-Eye Friday.




  1. that is indeed hilarious. keep the bullseye up always. c.sonofniff

  2. i love it! you are GoinG to start a trend!


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