Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Artist of the Week: Sandra Juto

Illustrator, graphic designer, and knitter of these cool wrist worms, Sandra Juto lives in Berlin but is Swedish by birth. She has an online portfolio where she features the bulk of her work, a blog where she posts daily snapshots, and a Big Cartel shop for her prints and yarn-based products. I’ve had her “favorite-d” for quite some time now, and have found the photographs of her beautiful every day to be the most inspiring. 

The look of her pictures is so clean and crisp, clear and gray, bright and optimistic. Lately the photos have leaned heavily on tabletops spread with sumptuous looking food, whether homemade or out on the town. (Those Euros really know how to eat—cheese and greens with every meal? Yes, please!) Others feature still moments from her studio and the lovely wet walks in between. All of them make me want to hop a plane to Berlin immediately.
- Cathleen
(All photos courtesy of Sandra

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