Monday, October 31, 2011

Mask Parade!

In horror of All Hallows Eve, I bring you a coven of some of the ghoul-est masks I’ve found from around the spider’s web. Happy Halloween, everybody!

Red Fox Felt Mask, $12, from Opposite of Far on Etsy

Snowflake Leather Mask, $39, from Tom Banwell on Etsy

Day of the Dead Leather Mask, $68, from beadmask on Etsy

Crocheted Beard Beanie, $35, from Kylie’s Crochet Corner on Etsy

Deer Mask and Tail Set, $30, from Seven Feathers Tribe on Etsy

Luchador Wresting Mask, $35, from RomeroAP on Etsy

Vintage Halloween Masks, $6.95 each, from Niftic Vintage on Etsy

Make Your Own Parrot Mask with this Martha Stewart How-To
Make Your Own Owl Mask with this Martha Stewart How-To

- Cathleen 

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