Friday, October 14, 2011

I'm Thinking About... Bull's-Eyes.

God, I love bull's-eyes.

American artist Kenneth Noland did a series of bull's-eyes and each one seems to have a personality of its own.


Some a little less organized:


Neat and composed, reckless and smudgy, they each tell a story and elicit different emotions from the viewer.

I can’t find the title of this one, but it’s one of my favorites.

And Half

Kenneth Noland was a member of the Washington Color School which the Corcoran Gallery of Art sums up as: “…united by an exploration of the language of abstraction, a desire to experiment with materials, and a love of color.”

The bull's-eye has permeated our visual lexicon. It’s not only prevelant in the fine arts but also in pop culture and the decorative arts. The Who use a bull’s-eye as their band’s symbol:

Even Target uses the bull's-eye for their logo. Here is an image of the bull's-eye they used from 1962-1968 in their advertising:

I often think of archery and the game of darts when I think of bull's-eyes. Here are a few of my favorite sports related bull's-eyes:

An archery set from The wooden box is hand silkscreened.

And this Finnish dart set from I love the green and white concentric circlesso visually pleasing.

Here are some other cool bull's-eyes I have come across:

Bullseye Ashtray
Available at Flair Home Collection in NYC

Fireman’s trampoline
9ft wide
Available at T.C. Donobedian in San Francisco, CA.

A radiator cap for AMC cars made from 1966-1980.

Have a great weekend! And please post any high-style bull's-eyes you see.


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