Friday, October 21, 2011


Sometimes I find myself daydreaming about my future. My future hooome. My future front pooorch with my future porch swiiing hanging from my future raaafters. My future backyaaard. And my future studio. But instead of staring into space with that far off look in my eyes, I troll Pintrest for "studio sheds" and save all of my best finds in a huge folder on my computer called "TO MAKE"
You thought it was going be called FUTURE, didn't you?

All I want in this future life of mine is a small space of mine own—separate from the rest of the house, so I will be able to ignore the siren call of dirty bathrooms and dusty bunnies—where I can art and craft until glue and scissors come out of my eyeballs. Oh, in the future I will also be able to make glue and scissors come out of my eyeballs. It's going to save me a bundle on art supplies.

Here are the most inspired studio/shed spaces I've found:

One studio, three ways:

- Cathleen 

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