Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Arrows Continued.

My friend Kait:

Shown above getting held up while shopping for modern furniture has amazed and schooled me from the first day I met her. When I entered my graduate program I falsely believed I was special because I cared about decorative arts and knew more about the history of decorative arts then anyone I knew. Well, I was in for a surprise. In my program everyone loves decorative arts, hence the title of the program (MA in the History of Decorative Arts), and Kait seems to always know more about them then anyone.

I posted about arrows recently and Kait, the most amazing finder of all finders, facebooked me this:

A silver Navajo spoon with arrow handle from approximately 1930. Reblogged from here. So looks like arrows in design pre-date 2011 and we are just repeating a motif from the past.

Post your arrow finds in the comments section and put me to shame.


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