Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer Nail Polish

I don’t know about you but Grace has got me ready for the season with her summer countdown. My own personal countdown usually starts with my first pedicure of the spring. I love being released from the tedium of shoes and I love new colors!

A good friend took me out for a pedicure present about a month ago and my first foray into summer colors was with this little guy: 

Essie: Pretty Edgy

This may not be super surprising considering my current love of green and, at the risk of overdoing it, I think I might try this one next: 

butter: British Racing Green  

PS I think that butter might be my new favorite in the nail polish packaging department- so classic, so symmetrical. It just warms my heart.

So the pastels have been around for a while but, unfortunately, they’re not flattering on me at all. But I’ve been seeing light blue around so much on fingernails that is makes me want to try it again that way.

Oscar de la Renta: Larimar

And can you ever go wrong with a beautiful nude nail polish?

Chanel: Emprise
(Correction: Can you ever go wrong with Chanel? I don’t think so.)

I read a description of this one as ranging from “cool cantaloupe to iced tangerine”. Consider me sold.

butter: Chuffed

And then there’s my fallback summer color that rotates in between pedicures: 

Essie: Tart Deco

It’s so darn cutesy and beachy that I can never get over it. Just like summer.

Have a colorful weekend, Friends!

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