Friday, March 8, 2013

Velvet Obsession

via Pinterest
A couple of months ago, I got it into my head that I wanted hunter/emerald green curtains for my living room.

Against the better judgment of two of my arts and design friends, I decided to go for it. Unfortunately, the professionals ended up being right. The curtains I found looked like a bad camo-green blanket; sucking up all the light in the room instead of reflecting it luminously as my imaginary velvet had done. Just a case of a good idea with bad execution? I'm not sure.

You’d think that I’d learn from my mistakes and stop dreaming about this darn velvet but I keep coming across more images and I’m just sure that I should be able to make it work…

Maybe as a sofa,

Rue Magazine
Living Etc. Magazine, h/t: I Hate to Alarm You

or a headboard,

Grand Oslo Hotel

or my Louis XVI (ish) style chairs, 
(Grace can correct me on what style my chairs actually are)

These are really leather but you get the idea.

or ... CURTAINS.
Charm Home Design

I know, I have a problem. But a girl can dream, right? I hope your day is full of great ideas and great execution.

Happy Weekend!


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