Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter One-Ups-Manship

I love Easter eggs and I love decorating them. Every year I have grand plans for the gorgeous crayon relief eggs or the decoupage eggs or silk transfer eggs that I will lovingly labor over. 
Unfortunately, my plans are usually thwarted and I end up tossing my eggs 
into the same dye/vinegar bath that I do every year (I still love them!) 
whilst shelving my egg ambitions until "next year". 

Fortunately for me, I may no longer be feeling the tug of ambition at all. In my yearly trolling of the internet for amazing egg decorating ideas, I came across Franc Grom, an egg artist whose work is so stunning and intricate that decoupage and whatnot now feels a little run of the mill. Here are a few examples of his work...

Apparently, Mr. Grom drills anywhere from 2,000 to 20,000 holes in each one of his creations. And I thought that dyeing them was exhausting. I’m not sure whether I feel galvanized to make my eggs more beautiful or depressed about the futility of it all. I suppose since it is almost Easter, the time of rebirth and new life, maybe I’ll use these as inspiration to make my eggs just a little bit more special.

Here’s hoping that your egg decorating is inspired and beautiful as well!

Happy Weekend and Happy Easter!

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