Thursday, March 14, 2013

She Brakes for Art: Diane Arbus

Continuing with our tools of the trade theme while Grace is away, I bring you an inspiration board of sorts (waaay before the likes of Pinterest ever existed) created by photographer Diane Arbus and explained thusly: 

“I like to put things up around my bed all the time, pictures of mine that I like and other things and I change it every month or so. There’s some funny subliminal thing that happens. It isn’t just looking at it. It’s looking at it when you’re not looking at it. It really begins to act on you.” 

(From Diane Arbus Revelations, Victoria & Albert Museum, London, October 2005–January 2006. Photographs and other items as they appeared on the wall of Diane Arbus’s apartment, circa 1970.)

- Cathleen

[Quote excerpted from Exhibiting Photography by Shirley Rea, image via

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