Thursday, March 21, 2013

She Brakes for Art: Kiki Smith

Concluding my fascination with different artists' tool of the trade, I bring you Kiki Smith's hands. "Hands?" you ask incredulously. Yes, I know that all (ok, most) visual artists use their hands to create, but Kiki's are something altogether enchanting and mesmerizing. I got the chance to see them up close recently when she sat across from me on the subway. (Gah! It was all I could do to stop myself from shouting at her, "You are the reason I art today!!") I've searched the internet high and low for a close up of her hands at work, but have yet to find something truly illustrative of their abilities. And beauty—they are marked with a delicate constellation of turquoise tattoos that only adds to their allure. Her hands contain a certain character, unparalleled skill, and a yearning to create.

"Her hands constantly fiddle: she’s always drawing or making things out of clay or whatever. Partly, it’s a way to distract her gaze. Mostly, for her, making art is like breathing."

[Images courtesy of,, quote from a great feature titled The Intuitionist by Michael Kimmelman on]

- Cathleen 


  1. Are you serious? Did you lose your mind? Did you talk to her?

  2. i am way too chicken to talk to art goddesses in the flesh. i know they are people JUST LIKE US, but i was still intimidated by her greatness. plus she was with someone so i didn't want to get in on her evening out. it was enough to admire her from afar then as soon as she exited the train turn to micky in a near hyperventilating state and squeal OH MY GOD THAT WAS KIKI SMITH!!!!


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