Friday, March 1, 2013

A Change of Perspective

The pairing of white and gold has long been one of my favorite color combinations. Together they can evoke so many different moods...


Clementine Gold Lip Dish


Tiny Bouquet Earrings

Gold Leaf Bowl

Periodic Table
I’ve believed that silver has been rightfully quarantined where it belongs: mid 90’s jewelry. 
However, I recently rediscovered an unlikely combination of materials that has me rethinking my standards of beauty.

Enter: dark wood and silver.

Silver Moon Crib

Silver Moon detail

Alone, neither silver nor mahogany is my favorite but together they have become a source of inspiration. Now I’m re-evaluating my other prejudices and wondering what other revelations I might have.

So here’s wishing you a weekend filled with pleasant about-faces in your point of view.

Happy Weekend!

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