Monday, June 10, 2013

Shelter from the Storm

Train Model Raincoat 

It's been completely sunny and beautiful here this past weekend, so it makes no kind of sense that I'm on the hunt for a raincoat, but I am. And my requirements? They are a-plenty.

I demand that it be WATERPROOF, which is somehow not a given when it comes to "raincoats." I need it unlined and breathable so I don't sweat my pits off. I want it to hit around the knees for those days that rain up and sideways. And most of all, it MUST be hooded.

Surprisingly, this is a rather tall order to fill, but I've found a few that come pretty close to fitting the bill. Here I share with you the spoils of my exhaustive internet search! 

The North Face Allena Rain Jacket 

Chroma Dot Rain Jacket 

Nau Succinct Trench

Merrell Urbane Rain Jacket 

Rain Logic Trench Coat

Stay dry, my friends!!

- Cathleen

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