Friday, June 14, 2013

Art for Baby

As you already know, our lovely contributer Alissa had a baby this week (!!!), so while she is off recuperating and getting to know her new darling girl, Grace and I will be covering her Fridays for awhile. 

In honor of Alissa's tiny future art appreciator, I found this awesome book called Art for Baby that I wanted to share. It's a sturdy board book—perfect for grabby hands and slobbery mouths to navigate—full of crisp black and white images created by 11 contemporary artists that are sure to stimulate your little one's little eyes while showing them that A is for ART!

Left: Natasha (2000) by Julian Opie, Right: Fragment 3 (1965) by Bridget Riley

Left: Cryptophye (2005) by Paul Morrison, Right: Ohana (1999) by Takashi Murakami

Left: Pear (1996) by Gary Hume, Right: Untitled (2005) by David Shrigley

I think I really want to get a copy. For Graham. 
Yeah. Graham... 

- Cathleen

[Images courtesy of The Guardian]

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  1. Ooooh, I LOVE this. Maybe Mae’s first book?


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