Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Birthday Books!

This week we have two big birthdays to celebrate! Both of my blog cohorts—that's right, Grace AND Alissa—are turning one year older on Thursday and Friday respectively, so I thought I'd do a literary version of my birthday post from last year for the two of them. So without further ado, here are the books I would gift to you guys if we actually gave gifts to each other!

For Grace: 

With everything you juggle, from raising two awesome kids to teaching art to going for your masters while selling things that you find/make online all while pursuing your own unique interests, you prove again and again that moms can do it all. 

Because of your entrepreneurial spirit (I am always amazed at your successful money making schemes) and boundless creativity, I thought you might enjoy Mom Inc. by Meg Mateo Ilasco and Cat Seto. It's a practical guide to doing what you love while working from home. 

For Alissa: 

Though I haven't known you as long as I've known Grace, I do know that you're ultra creative and passionate about slowing down and appreciating the beauty in life —something I have always admired about you

Because I know you love to cook (you made some seriously delicious Rice Krispie treats when I saw you last) and spend quality time with your sweet family, I thought you might like Dinner: A Love Story. This cookbook was written by Jenny Rosenstrach
and along with featuring delicious recipes, the book emphasizes the importance of coming together to share a meal and strengthen those all-important family bonds.

Happy birthday, you guys!! I'm really happy to have friends like you in my life!

Love, Cathleen

[glitter birthday banner via Confetti Design Shop on Etsy]


  1. Love it!!!! Again Catie you reign as Most Thoughtful Gift Giver. I will def. have to check out that book and the book you picked for Alissa is a slam dunk. Love you lots!!!


  2. These are awesome- I love them both! I love how perfect Grace’s is and your description of her: creative and entrepreneurial. Brilliant. I think I’ll actually buy mine as a present to myself. :) Thanks for the birthday shout out!

  3. Great gift ideas Catie! I think I'll check them both out...Happy birthday Grace and Alissa!

  4. Happy Birthday, Grace and Alissa! You guys are both ninjas in your own way!


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