Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Art is Everywhere.

A lot of times when people think about art, visions of old masters and painting come to mind, but the truth is art is still alive and comes in a variety of forms.

A Redditor with the screenname SquishyMcPhee recently had an interesting experience at a car repair shop:

“I went in to the dealership for my free oil change and saw this cup sitting there. The cashier said that a young man had come in to have some work done and it was going to take about three hours. ‘I’ll just doodle’ he said, and grabbed a ball point and a coffee cup.”

Artist is William Hersey.

Whether the story of this cup is true is irrelevant, the work is superb and is a simple reminder that art can be found anywhere. Although the materials are humblea styrofoam cupit speaks volumes about our current culture and society. 

The thing I like most about the cup, though? It's looking back to antiquity with the alternating Greek key and rope background. 

- Grace

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