Friday, May 17, 2013

For Every Action...

...there is an equal and opposite reaction. 

We’ve all heard Newton’s third law of motion and probably seen it demonstrated in an school classroom. I can’t imagine that Newton had popular culture in mind when he was formulating his theories but that is where I see his law played out the most. In response to every technological advance, there seems to a (maybe not quite equal) return to the origin of the technology.

In an age of iPhones, Instagram, and Flickr, one man, Elvis Halilovićis returning to the most basic photography with pinhole cameras. And not just any pinhole cameras: wooden pinhole cameras.

6x12 Multiformat Pinhole

Sliding Box Pinhole

Mr. Halilović’s motive for a simpler type of photography is to help us return to a time when it was a more thoughtful process. He says; "Suddenly, you remember what you were doing on the day you took the picture in detail, who approached you to ask about your camera, how you took the shot, and how you felt when you developed the film - all the things missing in today's photography.”

Not only are the photos beautiful and interesting, the cameras themselves are works of art. It kind of makes you want to slow down and enjoy them. At least, it does for me. I hope your Friday is full of noticing- whether from behind the lens (or pinhole!) of a camera or not.

Happy Weekend!

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