Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Very Bestie Birthday

This is the card I would get you. And this is what I would write inside: 

Happy Birthday, Dear Bestie! Though we rarely get to speak on the phone anymore these days (remember those epic long distance phone chats we'd carry on in high school that got us in major trouble once the bills arrived?), I am always so happy when we do get to catch up because---without fail---it feels like no time has passed, and it totally makes my day. And now I'm even happier to share this blog with you, to have this space that keeps us connected five days a week. I am so grateful to have you in my life and wish that I could buy you a ton of presents to show you just how much I love you. So let's pretend I've got loads of money and these are all the gifts you'd be opening today, wrapped in beautiful brown kraft paper all tied up in turquoise and white baker's twine: 

A little wooden whale stapler for your desk because I know you like whales and I know you like nice staplers. 

And a whale tape dispenser while I'm at it, because he's really cute too and I can't decide which to get you, so heck! Why not BOTH?! 

Though I'm not quite sure where you stand on the broach front, I do know you like folded paper objects and I thought this looked cool. So here. 

I would also get you this modern mobile because, like this mobile, you are complex and multi-faceted. And you like to hang. Out. With me. 

I'd sign you up for Ice Cream of the Month , but I'd tell them to just keep the Mint Chocolate Cookie coming, because I know that's your fave.

A Sterling Silver Ice Cream Fork! Because I know you like to fork your ice cream in style! 

A fist-full of arrows to decorate your already well-appointed home. And so that every time you look at them you think of me. And your next post! 
You, too, should have a shell ring so that we can be Wonder Twins and so that you can wear it on our trip...

 To Sanibel Island!!! I will fly you here, all expenses paid, so that we can go shelling and I can finally make up for not taking you on that horrible cross country road trip I promised you years ago!

Love, Your Bestie, 

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