Friday, May 18, 2012

Prized Possession

Did you ever read this book as a child? 

I remember my teacher reading it to us in first grade and legitimately not getting that Miss Viola Swamp was Miss Nelson in a costume. I literally just got that like 2 years ago when I read the book to my daughter as an adult. Oops. 

The book had a profound impact on my life. My teacher asked us to draw pictures about the book and I drew cameos of both Miss Nelson and Miss Swamp and it was the moment my artistic talent was recognized by my teacher and the class. My teacher held the picture up and said it was the best one in the class. My destiny was sealed. 

When I read the book to my daughter I googled the author and illustrator remembering how important their story had been on my life. I found out that the illustrator, James Marshall, was now deceased but that Harry Allard was still alive. 

I immediately sat down and penned him a letter thanking him for his amazing stories. 

Having forgotten about the letter I sent, I received the below in my mailbox several weeks later. 

A letter from Mr. Allard himself telling me how much he appreciated my writing him and how he remembers sitting with James Marshall and concocting the goofy Miss Nelson series like it was yesterday. 

This is one of my most prized possessions. Mr. Allard is quite old now and I am glad I got to express my gratitude to him before it was too late. 



  1. wow! grace! amazing story! i also really admire that you felt so compelled to write him your appreciation and followed through. it's so important to express gratitude to others. and on that note: i really love and appreciate you, bestie!

  2. I love this story so much. I wish I had written to Maurice Sendak when I had the chance but I missed it.


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