Monday, May 7, 2012

Artist of the Week: Sarah Kay

I've been neck deep in preparations for open studios this weekend, spending as much time in here making as much work as I can before inviting any curious art lookers into my space. Whiling away the hours drawing, painting, gluing, doing, I  have discovered an amazing tool for keeping my mind stimulated when I really need to buckle down and put my hands to some mindless work: talk radio. I've listened to countless episodes of All Songs Considered, as well as The Moth podcasts, and I swear, I think I've thoroughly exhausted This American Life's entire catalog. TED Talks are a new addition to the line-up that have completely transformed my listening experience. Not only are they compelling and often entertaining, but I'm learning all of these great and interesting things at the same time! The talk above, given by spoken word poet Sarah Kay, was one that truly moved me yesterday, enough so that it was hard to keep my eyes locked on the pen I was dragging across the paper, because I couldn't stop watching her poised performance. Lately I have been really excited by reading about/watching young ladies who are grabbing life by the ass and squeezing it for all it's worth. Have a listen.

- Cathleen

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