Monday, December 24, 2012

Our Christmas Tree

Since Micky and I planned extended visits with our families for Christmas this year, we decided to forgo the real 4-foot needle shedder we usually get and try something different this time around. Three-and-a-half rolls of dark and lime green wrapping paper later, this is the understated tree-ish-shaped beauty that stands before us. I spent a leisurely three or four nights covering the tallest of our book collection while watching White Christmas, Sleepless in Seattle and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation---so really, it took practically no time at all to transform our ordinary bookcase into a festive holiday display. Full disclosure: I started to run low on paper towards the end and only covered the spines of some of the smaller books, but figured as long as you couldn't see any of the cover peaking out, no one would be the wiser. Except for the people I told this to. I'm thinking of adding a string of white Christmas lights and a paper snowflake at the top, but packing for our trip and wrapping actual presents in paper has suddenly taken precedence. The only adornment that now stands is a pickle ornament I got for my birthday from Micky's mom. Whoever finds it first gets a special Christmas surprise! 

Happy Christmas Eve, everyone!

- Cathleen 


  1. That's awesome! I especially like the time saving and resource saving trick of covering the spine only. BTW- When do you get into town? I need some Mathleen time stat!

  2. This is brilliant and fabulous and I love it.


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