Tuesday, December 11, 2012

His and Hers Christmas Wish List Part 4

Hola Bitches! Time for my fourth installment of the His and Hers Christmas Wish List and here's what I've cooked up for this week:

Hers Pick #4: Hermes Perfume, L'Ambre des Marveilles

Listen, when it comes to body chemistry, I'm all over the map. Perfumes that smell good on everyone, stink on me! I found this scent through a former co-worker and fell in love with it. I'm no perfume connoisseur so I'm not going to say that the perfume has hints of this and sprigs of that, but instead I'll say, this shit smells good. And on top of thatit smells good on me! 

Price varies depending on the size of the bottle. 

My husband has odd hobbies. There is nothing he enjoys more that going out back and chopping wood. I even found saved on the desktop of the computer a picture of a large stack of logs he had just finished chopping. I am 100% sure he sent that photo to his five brothers bragging about how manly he is because he chopped all the wood. Le sigh.

Regardless, Woodeze has all of my spouse's needs covered with this high-style yet utilitarian log carrier. And yes, Brian did pin it to his "Man Stuff" Pinterest board. Retails for under $50 and can be bought through Amazon. 

Cashless is up tomorrowcan't wait to see what she has in store! 
I'll be back on Thursday. 

- Grace

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