Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Great Gift

I have a passion for children's books; more particularly I have a passion for the art within children's books. For Christmas I purchased for Clementine the Wizard of Oz Commemorative Pop-Up book with art by Robert Sabuda. I had never actually opened the book before and was amazed on Christmas day at the actual beauty of the book. 

The cover. 

When Dorothy meets the Scarecrow. 

This is when the pictures get out of order because my dear daughter Clementine, the most delicate flower, was screaming in my face about her American Girl Doll. 

Intricate details are what make this book so special. 

A Pop-up within a pop-up page. 

When Dorothy comes face-to-face with Glinda at the end of the story. 

Another pop-up within a pop-up page. 

The tornado, which spins around as you open and close the page. 

Dorothy flying around in her bed. 

When the crew meets the Cowardly Lion. 

The Slippers need to be clicked three times. 

The Emerald City! 

Meeting the Tin Man. 

Come in to Oz! 

This book is such a great gift! And it's affordable on top of that. Priced at $20, this book can easily be given to a class friend on her birthday! 
Sabuda has several other pop-ups including Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, and Cinderella. On his website you can purchase signed copies for next to nothing. 

I'm in love! 

- Grace

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