Tuesday, December 18, 2012

His and Hers Christmas Wish List Part FINAL

In case you've been avoiding your calendar, Christmas is now only 7 days away which also means this is the last installment of the His and Hers Christmas Wish List! I know, I'm sad too. With no further ado, here are my final picks.

Hers Pick #Final: John Derian Decoupaged Plate 

Some Fish

Beached Narwahl

Balais En Blaireau 240


I'm slightly obsessed with John Derian. I once went into his shop in NYC with Cashleen and asked the store clerks if he was there. They said he had just left and it took all sorts of restraint to keep me from running through the streets screaming his name! 

Derian's plates come in various sizes with a large collection of images. The prices vary, but a large plate is usually about $200. 

These are always the best gift for a lady who loves anything beautiful! Check out his website for tons of other cool pieces. 

His Pick #Final: Orvis Gold Rush Chronograph

Orvis has hit gold (har har) with their Gold Rush Chronograph watch. Aptly priced at only $149, this watch is smart and affordable.
It's always a challenge to find a nice mens watch that doesn't break the bank, but with its leather strap and brass mounts, this watch achieves perfection. 

Well, everyone, that puts to bed my His and Hers Christmas Wish List Countdown. I hope you enjoyed it! Cathleen is on for tomorrow and I'll be back on Thursday and Friday for fresh musings in art.


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  1. As I've said before, this is a great series... You should keep it up after Christmas... after all birthdays, anniversaries, and Valentine's day can leave a person stumped. Sad this series is done. It's like a puppy died or something...


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