Friday, December 14, 2012

My Favorite Shapes

It's week's end and I'm still thinking in shapesbut this time in pairs! Here's another quick round-up of some of my favorites from the internet as of late:  

Top: Gold Moon Shirt, $36 from alittlelark
Bottom: Blue Druzy Studs, $36 from diamentdesigns

Top: Hemlock Twilight Miniature Painting, $35 from acurryphotography
Bottom: Farmers Market Basket, $14 from Anthropologie

Top: Triangle Necklace, $26.42 from niceniceniceDE
Bottom: Triangle Serving Platter, $37.18 from Asleepfromday

That last one was a double whammy: triangles ON a rectangle! I know, I can barely handle it myself. 

- Cathleen

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