Friday, December 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Best Friend!

This Sunday is Cathleen's birthday! Yay!! Happy Birthday Besty! I'm not as talented as Catie is when it comes to picking out gifts so instead of a sampling of gifts that would be perfect for her I am going to count down all the reasons I think Catie is one of the best humans on the planet.

1. Catie is the most generous person I know.When I go to visit her in NYC she takes me EVERYWHERE I want to go. When she comes to DC to see me she goes EVERYWHERE I want to go. She also has really cool clothes and really cool jewelry and she always lets me borrow anything I want. 

2. Catie is always up for trying something new. She did that flying trapeze class in NYC which I doubt I'd have the guts to do.

3. Catie has great jokes. I have always loved Catie's jokes. I sometimes think back to jokes she told in like 1996 and I still laugh.

4. Catie is an optimist and a romantic. There is no better person to be friends with than an optimist. There is also no better person to be friends with than a romantic. She sees the joy and beauty in even the most mundane things.

5. Catie is interesting and has interesting taste. Her house is beautifully curated and I can spend hours just looking at all the things she's spent her time gathering and displaying.

However, whoever painted the molding on this wall needs to be taken out back and shot. Catie will not divulge if it was her or Micky. 

6. She is a talented artist. Catie works hard at her craft. She wants her work to be great and memorable and never stops learning new things.

Eggcellent painting by Catie.

7. Catie is a hardworker. When we were in high school she would stay up until all hours of the night making sure her math homework was just right.

8. Catie always has cash lying around. I know this, we've been friends for 19 years. When we were in high school she would open the top drawer to her dresser and hundreds of dollars would haphazardly fly out.

9. Catie likes to play games and is super competitive but is still light-hearted about the game.

10. Catie has healing hands and she is generous with her powers.

11. Catie has great stories. The trouble Catie gets into is worthy of a novel. Her stories from college are stories I tell to people I barely know because they are just so great!

Me listening to a story about the time Catie went to a store named Garbage and she thought they would have eye glitter but they didn't. 

"I already heard you Catie, they ended up not having the glitter." 

"Omg did you hear, they didn't have the glitter?" 

12. Catie still pretends she didn't hit the back of her mom's car into a pole at a McDonalds in Tenlytown DC in 1999 but I know the truth.

"I remember what you did in 1999."- McDonalds in Tenelytown

13. Catie uses lots of exclamation points for the sake of the reader. Catie always wants to make sure that whomever she is writing to is happy and comfortable and she uses exclamation points to help convey her joy in speaking with them.

We look hideous here. 

14. Catie is forgiving. We've gotten into some MEGA fights and Catie has always graciously accepted my apologies. Her ability to forgive is humbling and has made me strive to be a better person. 

15. Catie is patient. 

Catie taking me somewhere I want to go and letting me shamelessly copy her sunglasses. 

16. Catie is driven. Junior year in high school she was not voted onto the prom committee. She knew she'd be the best at the job, senior year she ran again, won, and created a memorable prom with every detail in place.

17. Catie has a great name to make nicknames out of. In high school we called her Cueto and due to a misprint in the yearbook we also called her Cuero. Can I just state that that was the best yearbook misprint EVER! In college her very good friend made up a series of nicknames which I still call her, including but not limited to: Wrathleen and Smashleen. These can be used on various occasions when the moment is ripe. 

Behold: Catie Cuero.

2002 in Boston when I experienced really cold weather for the first time.

18. I am pretty damn sure Mathleen coined the term Besty (Bestie is the incorrect spelling, I would know I was the one who received the maiden voyage of the term). I know this term is EVERYWHERE. But Catie called me it in an email like 12 years ago and neither of us had EVER heard it before. 

New Year's 2001.

19. Catie loves Benjamin Franklin. Once she confided in me that she wanted to always be her best so she used Ben Franklin's daily self scoring rubic to score herself. 

"Waste not, want not Wrathleen!" - Says Poor Richard

20. You might not know this about Catie, but she had blond hair in high school (and black eyebrows).

Whoops, I forgot to get my eyebrows dyed too. 

21. Catie has a shirt she bought from Gap Kids in 1993 that the girl wore in Jurassic Park and sometimes she still wears the shirt!

Unfortunately, Catie does not own the purple cap that goes with the shirt perfectly. 

So that concludes my countdown. There are a million more amazing things about Wrathyesaurus that I just can't think of right now, but trust me I am very lucky to know Catie and if you know her too, you are lucky as well.

1998,  when I could eat a Milky Way at lunch and not have it manifest itself as fat on my ass 2 hours later. 

Happy Birthday Breast Friend! I'm glad we've now officially been friends for 20 years. I hope we are friends for 20 x 3 more years! If I'm alive after 60 more years, please someone put me out of  my misery.

Be back here Monday for Wrathleen's Monday scoop!

- Grace


  1. this is the most beautiful thoughtful present you could ever give me BESTIE!!! (i've been spelling it this way for the last few years! which was the original? i'm so confused!) it made me totally teary and guffaw-y at the same time! i love you so much!!!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday, Catie! I knew you were awesome, but now I know your awesomeness down to the tiniest detail! I hope it was a great day.

  3. Awww, just finally reading Grace you did an amazing job capturing "our Catie".


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