Friday, July 6, 2012

Hook & Matter

Lasercut Neon Pink and Clear Starburst Necklace, $28 on Etsy 

Next in Renegade Redux comes Brooklyn-based Hook & Matter, another great seller that caught my eye at the craft fair. What I love about this company is the diversity in what they make—jewelry in metal, plastic, porcelain, and even pillows!—but everything has the same hard/soft aesthetic. Nice!

Simple Gold Bar Stud Earrings, $40 on Etsy

Porcelain Roll Gold Necklace, $58 on Etsy

Gold Stacked Square Earrings, $40 on Etsy

Links on Links on Links White Porcelain and Gold Necklace, $78 on Etsy

Square Geometric Gold Studs, $38 on Etsy

Pink Silkscreened Arrow Pillowcases, $46 on Etsy

- Cathleen 

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