Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Enamel Art

Enamel portraiture is a lost artform. This detailed portrait is of Anne, Duke de Montmorency and was painted by Leonard Limosin. Housed in the Louvre, this enamel portrait was created in 1556. The intricate frame is highlighted by enamel plaques done in shades of a gray color scheme so popular  during the Renaissance that it had its own name --- grisaille. 

It's a shame enamel work has fallen out of fashion. Over the weekend I picked up this adorable little enamel bowl at Klaradal Swedish Antiques and Gifts in Olney, MD. This store is truly a gem (Thank you to my friend Nicole for introducing it to me!) and a highlight of Olney, MD.

I'm thinking of hanging this on Teddy's bedroom door. 

What do you think?

- Grace

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