Friday, July 20, 2012

Artist of the Week: Kimberley Laurenti

Cute Plant, $39 via HermanMarie on Etsy

Kimberley Laurenti is the painter/illustrator/sculptor extraordinaire responsible for these cute little guys. She has two Etsy shops: Herman Marie, where the first five of these flat wall sculptures hang out, and My Grey Sky, where she features the rest of her 3-D Mooks and 1-D prints. Though there is a distinct difference in color and content between the two stores—one's a bit brighter and more whimsical, while the other strays into slightly darker territory—you can definitely tell they were made by the same funny hand. Kimberley lives in Florida and has a blog that she occasionally updates with sweet shots from her daily life and sneak peeks of what's soon to be in store. You can check it out here:

Two Orange Snakes, $56 via HermanMarie on Etsy

Yellow Bear with Bow Tie, $46 via HermanMarie on Etsy

Anatomical Art, $56 via HermanMarie on Etsy

Egg Cups, $55 via HermanMarie on Etsy

Bear Hood Mook, $36 via ilovegreyskies on Etsy

Mook Love Print, $15 via ilovegreyskies on Etsy

Wolk Mooks, Mounted, $40 via ilovegreyskies on Etsy

- Cathleen 

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