Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How to Create a Great Art Collection on a Budget

For so long when people would ask me what I wanted to do career-wise I was always stymied. The reason being my true passion is collecting and my lifetime dream is to leave behind a great collection of art and antiques. I've been stumped on how to do this without a great amount of wealth, however yesterday an obituary ran in the Washington Post about a postal worker and his reference librarian wife who amassed an amazing art collection that is now worth millions. 

Herbert and Dorothy Vogel, 2009. 
Image via Washington Post  by Katsuyoshi Tanaka.

Together the Vogels would purchase unknown artists' work and either pay small sums, barter, or pay in small installments to add to their collection.

Their collection consists mostly of conceptual and minimalist art and includes work by artists Jeanne Claude and Christo, Jeff Koons, and Chuck Close, to name a few.

Their criteria for collecting works fell into three categories:

1. It had to be inexpensive.
2. It had to be small enough to be carried onto the subway or a taxi.
3. It had to fit inside their one bedroom apartment.

Herb and Dorothy's story is truly inspiring and illustrates perfectly that you need not be an heiress or an oil tycoon to start a memorable collection. 

You can read the obituary in full here

- Grace

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  1. Grace, have you seen the movie about them? Amazing!


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