Friday, July 27, 2012

Craft vs. Fine Art

Where is the line between craft and fine art? 

This is something I ponder often and get into discussions about more than I'd like. 

Is this woven basket craft or fine art? 
Should this basket be in a museum?

What about this set of nesting baskets? 

Would your mind change if I told you they were done by world renowned glass blower Dale Chihuly? 
This set is in a museum. 

What about this basket? 
Made in 1800 by Apache Indians. 
Native American art is craft. Native Americans didn't paint, instead they made baskets, sewed, crafted elaborate war bonnets. Is this not their fine art? 

This basket is also in a museum. 

Something to think about: it wasn't until 1567 that a distinction between craft and fine art was defined. And when it was defined architecture was considered above fine painting. 
Leonardo DaVinci thought sculpting was a low form of art because the artist got dirty while they created. 
Michelangelo was a sculptor and is considered a great artist of the Renaissance. 

- Grace

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