Thursday, April 10, 2014

So... What Are You Wearing for Easter?

Easter is seriously close dudes! So, here's my question... what are you wearing? We celebrate Easter with mass and then brunch with Alissa and her awesome brood and capping off the day with an egg hunt. Alissa brings her A-game when it comes to dressing. You can't tell from this blog but Alissa is seriously skinny, flat tummy and 4 kids! She also always looks neat as a pin. So I've got to compete. I just ordered this dress from Asos... thoughts?

Mirror Floral V Back

So readers... what are you going to wear? Post links in the comments as well as shoe suggestions for me and this dress. 



  1. Funny enough, after checking your link, I know what I'M going to be wearing for Easter! #eastertwinsies That dress is awesome and I feel seriously jealous. No word on my outfit yet but I'd say something open-toed but not strappy for your shoes. I bet your gladiators would look good or maybe something like the below link but in metallic. I'd say silver because I'm on a big silver kick right now. Also, thanks for the compliment- you really know how to make a girl feel special. I guess our friendship's back on.

  2. Grace, that dress is so you! Please post a pic of you in it!


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