Monday, April 7, 2014

Craft Fair Find: Ash

This past weekend I spent a gorgeous Saturday afternoon trolling the aisles of the Rock & Shop Market in downtown Durham, NC with my friend Nicole. While I usually get super stoked about craft fairs and love seeing what people have been working on in their studios, I'm often struck by how it all sort of starts to look the same, show after show. Especially in the jewelry department. But this time I noticed one table that stood out among the hand-crafted crowd.

Ash is a jewelry line created by Ashlee Meadows and based in Raleigh, NC. Her work is mostly matte porcelain pendants and earrings, dipped in different pale glazes then dunked again into a gold overglaze. The results are pretty, delicate geometric pieces that have a nice weight and feel to them. You can see the full range of what she does on her website, and purchase work through her Etsy shop.

Hexagon Porcelain Earrings, $58 

Porcelain Bar Necklace, $65

Circle Porcelain Earrings, $58

Tiny Porcelain Hexagon Necklace, $54

- Cathleen


  1. Oh, those are all so pretty- that tiny hexagon kills me!

    1. I second everything Alissa said... I'm not a jewelry person, in that all of my jewelry items are gifts from my husband, but those are so pretty... that necklace... wow.


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