Friday, April 4, 2014

Having My Spring and Eating It Too

So, I'm taking a quick little hiatus from my project posting because I was super unproductive this week and didn't complete anything I want to share my current favorite spring salad. In case anyone is wondering, spring fever has taken a strong hold on me and I'm embracing everything spring-y right now. And in terms of food, that means asparagus!

I used to hate asparagus. Once when I was little, our mom made it for us and it was so disgusting that she promised that she would never make it again. And she kept her word- I don't think that I ate it again until after I got married. I'm not sure when I tried it again and I'm also a little fuzzy on when I became such an asparagus nut. But here I am, scarfing as much asparagus as possible during the spring and pining away for it during all the other seasons of the year.

So, last night I made an asparagus, bacon, almond, and arugula salad with sherry vinaigrette. (I know, more ingredients = more pretentious recipe title. It's ok, I'm leaning into it.) Anyway, I'm not one of these "Put Bacon On Everything!" people but the bacon was incredible. It made the salad delicious and the only thing lacking was some kind of fruit. (I like my salads to hit every flavor note possible.)

We've also had asparagus pesto, shaved asparagus pizza, asparagus in pasta, and just plain steamed. I'm still on the hunt for an asparagus flan recipe that I glimpsed somewhere a couple years that I've never been able to locate anywhere. If you find it for me, I'll make you a delightful asparagus salad....

Happy Fresh Weekend, Friends!

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