Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Short Film of the Month- Atticus Walker and the Monster in His Mind

Here is my next installment of Short Film of the Month

This 12 minute short is hilarious.  The absurdity of the Monster is perfect.  He is an indigent rude asshole and the relaxed sarcastic eyes make it that much funnier.  The guy who plays Atticus has a bit of a Jesse Eisenburg awkwardness to him without being as obnoxious.  
There is a simple but enlightening message about the power of getting over one's fears and anxieties but in the end it's a lighthearted flick which makes me laugh and hopefully makes you do the same.
Oddly, only after I watched this short did I notice that the cinematographer was a dude I went to high school with as well as drove to school for a couple years.  He is damn good at what he does http://sean.conaty.net/

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