Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Low Risk Exploration of Mt. Everest

Overall View
I found this a couple years ago and forgot about it until recently when I heard about the deaths of several Sherpas and climbers during an avalanche at Mount Everest.  Climbing any mountain is a risky endeavor, but Everest is an especially dangerous one and claims many lives, due to the fact that so many damn people attempt to make it to the summit every year.  I am not a climber, but if I did decide to risk my life in order to reach the top of one, it wouldn't be at a site that is essentially a tourist attraction constantly packed with long lines of people.  It's like the perfect British climbing experience...just wait in the queue and you will get your turn at glory.

It is a 3.8 Billion Pixel image of the entire mountain and base camp.  From this main image it actually doesn't look all that impressive, but zoom into the lower section and you can see the base camp. Hundreds and hundreds of tents that are tiny.

 You can also zoom in and follow the path up the mountain finding climbers as they ascend. It's very cool.

I circled the guy but see if you can find him yourself in the main photo.....not easy
Here is another link to something similar but if you are into a more urban setting to explore.

This is 111 Gigapixel though.  They are not playing.



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