Monday, September 16, 2013

Terrarium Anatomy

There was a definite and wonderful chill in the air this weekend. Whenever fall comes blowing in, I always get this feeling of excitement over new possibilities. With all of the years I've spent either as a student, taking ad hoc classes post-grad, or working in a school with my internal clock long set to the semester cycle, fall will forever signify fresh starts and renewal for me. (Suck it, spring.) And since we only got a yard a month ago and I missed the chance to sow anything into the ground this year, I think I'm gonna need to plant something inside instead. I found this informative drawing on Tamworth Lyceum's website along with detailed instructions on how to build a terrarium. I think I might go dig up some moss from our backyard this week and get started on one of my own. But if I don't end up getting around to it, I could always order this cute print instead.

Terrarium Diagram print, 5 x 7"

- Cathleen 

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