Friday, September 27, 2013

Oh, Hipsters.

"I'm wearing plaid ironically."

Some things never change. Not least, everyone's love of laughing about hipsters. No matter where you happen to fall on the hipster spectrum, they're always funny. Actually, hipsters laughing at hipster jokes gets a little meta. 
Which everyone knows is the essence of hipsterism.

"No, I'm just rolling up my sleeves and pants because it's hot outside."

And although I don't think this is exactly what the artist intended, Leo Caillard's photographs of classical statues dressed as hipsters seems to cement the idea that hipsters have always been around. 
Somebody has to be on the cutting edge, right?

"I was totally Christian before it was cool."

But I feel like the biggest take-away from this series is that you'll never be as cool as Jesus in chambray. But keep trying. 
Just don't look like you're trying.

Happy Weekend, Friends!

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