Friday, September 13, 2013

Color Confusion and Josef Albers

Homage to the Square: Blue and Green, 1950

Ahhh, color. A rainbow display of almost anything is enough to induce a purchase on my part. Unfortunately, I get stymied when I try to select just one or two colors from that dazzling array. Color pairing tends to send me into a panic of insecurity. Heck, I can’t even handle color recognition: I just discovered that my (most recent) favorite color fuschia is actually magenta (or is it the other way around?) and that I can’t tell the difference between light orange, peach, and pink.

Homage to the Square: Blue, White, Grey, 1951

Homage to the Square, 1959

Trying to sort out my color issues lately has made me appreciate those people that are gifted with color even more. Enter: my love for Josef Albers. I was introduced to his work in college when my senior studio class went to visit an exhibit of his at the Dallas Museum of Art. His color theory work was incredible and I still carry those images in my head. I was blown away by how one color might appear  completely different depending on the color it was paired with.

Homage to the Square, 1967

Homage to the Square, 1969

So, on this slightly less than colorful morning, I thought I’d share some of Mr. Albers’ incredible work with you.

Homage to the Square, Guarded, 1952

I hope your day ends up being full of color. And slightly symmetrical.

Happy Weekend, Friends!

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