Wednesday, September 11, 2013


One of mine. I try to keep the baby shots to a minimum, 
but it's HARD, you guys! 

I'm a pretty visual person, so I appreciate Instagram in that it shows me what's going on in my friends' (or friends of friends of friends') lives with the economy of one photo and a short caption. Because many of the feeds I follow are helmed by bloggers that I read regularly (so they feel like virtual friends!), I've been thinking a lot about how this has become a tool people can use to reinforce their brand and aesthetic. I subscribe to 130 different feeds now, and the ones I like the most have a genuine yet casual feel to them, a visual diary if you will. Behind-the-scenes type photos that give a glimpse into the private lives of people I don't actually know AND the people I do actually know, cuz the voyeur in me always likes to see the nitty-gritty of my IRL friends' days too. Here are a few that have brightened my feed lately and are definitely worth following:

jasonpolan - Illustrator Jason Polan posts his spare and clever drawings mostly. 
Particularly good ones come from his weekly Taco Bell Drawing Club.    

ohhappyday - The personal feed of blogger/fun-planner/entrepreneur/mom Jordan Ferney
Always impressed by how she keeps her kids' toys in check. 

white_lightning - Elizabeth S. Olson, Art Director of Bon Appetit magazine. 
Literal and figurative tastemaker.

lisacongdon - Artist and illustrator Lisa Congdon chronicles her daily happenings 
and sketchbook pages. Her recent honeymoon to Paris looked GORGEOUS. 

Her #getwise2013 series is always teaching me something new in a neat papercut way.

janiewoodbridge - Janie Woodbridge, whom I happen to know PERSONALLY, 
is a textile designer with a keen eye for pattern in nature and beauty in the everyday.  

ericlundquist - Eric Lundquist (another IRL friend) has a great #mirrorgram series going. 
Plus some other stuff that constantly has me going "I really like this one!" 

- Cathleen 

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