Monday, September 23, 2013

Artwork of the Week: The Clasp

The Clasp by Tim Lahan

Last week was not as bad as I feared it would be. Don't get me wrong—there were plenty of moments that tested my mettle, but I did it. I ran necessary errands, I took morning walks, I kept us both fed, and I single-handedly bathed a little twisting mister five days in a row without (too many) tears or life-threatening incident. There's also this hyper-vigilance that sets in when you become the main person responsible for keeping your child alive. The 24-hour high alert state is exhausting. I know women everywhere do this kind of thing on their own all the time, and I deeply admire them. I only had a handful of days to get through, and I probably shouldn't be surprised that I did just fine, but I am. Still, I feel incredibly lucky to have the partner and the support that I do, and these last few days made me appreciate him all the more. The best part of my week was definitely when Micky came back. 

- Cathleen 

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